hello my name is Zoe!

I am a digital communicator specialising in UX/UI Design for websites and mobile apps. I create the best possible experience by using graphic design, information architecture, interaction design.. 

UX design

User research analysis and interaction design: getting to know the user's habits in order to ideate a useful user-centered product.

UI design

Designing the protype for the end product and conceiving the key concept communication for the end user.

Tools mastery

Mastering design tools, prototyping tools, and content managing CMSs.


 I am a digital communicator specialising in UX/UI Design and front end development, currently working as a web consultant in the European Commission.

As a freelancer, I am a digital communicator, UX/UI designer and front end developer. 

After working as a communications' expert in a consultancy company, I discovered that digital communication, designing and creating user-centered concepts was my main talent. Web content management and digital communications projects became my passion 

In recent years, I have worked on digital projects in the web designing field along with front end and back end development, in mobile and digital applications in general.

I have a worldwide client base and my work is regularly featured in digital related projects. I have worked on projects worldwide focusing mainly on the user centred approach.

I hold a Bachelor in Commmunications and a Master of Science in Technology Management.

Adobe Suite, CSS, HTML5, Sharepoint, Drupal, Joomla, User Usability, Google analytics, PIWIK, SEO, COBIT 5 foundation, Agile.